How to Make Ripped Jeans in Different Ways

We can’t get enough of ripped jeans. The problem is that the jeans are costly, which seems unfair, given that they have been distressed. You must have asked yourself this question. Can you cut your jeans yourself at home? If you want to create ripped jeans at home, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to make ripped jeans at home without burning a hole through your wallet. It is even easier to do this because you don’t have to create the torn fabric yourself. This sounds great. You only need to scroll down to the bottom and read this article to achieve your goal. Let’s get started.

What are Ripped Jeans?

Add rips, slashes, scrapes, and frays to your jeans. The result is ripped/distressed denim. It is hard to say who began it, but we need help pinpointing the originator. They were part of grunge fashion, and now they are everywhere. You can find ripped jeans, shorts, and jackets around!

  • What Are Distressed Jeans?

Torn ripped, or distressed — they’re all the same. You can also make darker jeans distressed by bleaching or sandpapering them. This will make them look worn or distressed. We are the generation who pays for this kind of stuff. Don’t fall into this trap. Try this DIY ripped denim project.

How to Make Ripped Jeans: DIY Step-by-Step Tutorial

Want to learn how to make ripped jeans yourself? It’s not rocket science to make ripped jeans. You can make ripped jeans with items you have around the house. It only takes a little bit of planning, practice, and patience.

Select Jeans Or Shorts

Before you begin, start thinking about the jeans that you can use. It’s best to use something that is old and fits well. For beginners, you can use jeans you’ve already converted into shorts or jeans. You don’t care if they go wrong.

Take All the Supplies You Need

You will need your supplies ready so you don’t run into a convenience store in the middle of your project and stay focused on your needs.

Start Marking Them To Rip/Distress They

Mark your jeans. This is a quick and easy way to do it. Scroll down to learn more. This is what we are going to talk about.

Start Ripping (Distressing)

You already know what to do, and the markup has been done. Start ripping off the paper or distressing it.

Finishing touches

It’s almost done. Just make sure it looks tidy.

How to Make Jeans Look Ripped/Distressed

Remove the Threads

You can see that your jeans have blue and white threads running vertically. This was something I had just learned about when I tried this. Remove the vertical blue lines from the patch you marked to get the distressed stripes. The first few threads are the most difficult to remove, but as you go on, it becomes easier.

Fray the Edges

Another fun way to distress jeans is by fraying the edges. This is a great place to begin if you’re not too adventurous. This is a stylish look that’s not too over-the-top. Cut the shorts or jeans at the ends and remove the threads using a tweezer. You can also use a razor to scrape off the edges.

Paola Farina, a personal stylist, says that “fraying the edges” is a great way to give jeans a wild look.

Fray the Pockets

It’s a subtle way to distress jeans. This gives it a cool look and adds a little extra flair. Remove the top layer without digging too deeply. You can either use a razor to scrape off the top layer or sandpaper or remove some threads using tweezers.

Make Holes

It is also in style to make holes in your jeans so that they look distressed. How to properly cut holes in jeans? Beginners can start by cutting smaller holes with fabric scissors. If you need larger holes, cut them closer to your pocket. This will allow you to use the pocket cloth in case the gap becomes too large or awkward. Do it if you feel confident. You can cut off the section with scissors, then fray the edge. Or you could remove the threads using a tweezer.

Quick TipYou can use white or blue thread to sew around the perimeter of the holes and keep them from getting more significant.

Scrape Or Bleach Off

You can add subtle details to your jeans by combining other methods or using them alone. It doesn’t matter which way you go. You can add bleach to give your jeans a worn-out look or use pumice, sandpaper, or steel wool to remove the areas of the jeans that you don’t want to be faded.

What to do if your Jeans Rip?

  • Knowing how to balance the process without tearing your jeans apart is essential. Know the best place for each.
  • Overdoing it with a distressed look may leave you feeling unsatisfied. According to the fashion police, the rule of two and a half (plus or minus) is the best. Two holes, two shreds, and a scrape are a good place to start. You can tweak it, but this is an excellent reference for beginners.
  • The best place to use shreds is in the thigh area. They should be a few inches long.
  • Holes usually begin at the knee and rise two inches (for obvious reasons). Keep the size of the holes to one inch and the width to the leg. This will allow you to sit comfortably. Plus, horizontal holes are best.
  • The best scrapes are those that occur near or above the thigh.

How to make ripped jeans at home: Infographic.

The ripped jeans give off a relaxed, casual vibe that instantly boosts your style. These jeans are one of your most versatile wardrobe pieces and can be worn in various creative and stylish ways. They look great with a crisp white shirt and blazer. You can pair them with a simple top, corset, and sporty shoes for a street-style look. You can create your ripped jeans. See the infographic below to learn more.

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