Four reasons why pharmacies should invest in a staff uniform

Uniforms are a smart investment for any company that deals with the public. First impressions are important, and potential customers and clients form an opinion of your business in seconds after entering your premises. When you run a pharmacy, you need your customers to have complete confidence in your abilities to meet their healthcare needs. Here are four reasons why uniforms are a good idea for pharmacies.

A uniform looks authoritative

Many people find that the pharmacy can be a great source of information and advice when it comes time to make healthcare decisions. In Ireland, there is a growing movement to increase the role of pharmacists, and encourage people to go to the pharmacy for minor ailments instead of going to the doctor. With more over-the counter remedies becoming available, pharmacies are often the first place people go for healthcare. Pharmacy staff are healthcare professionals and must look professional, authoritative and trustworthy. A uniform is the best way to achieve this.

A simple and flattering tunic is a better choice as it looks smart and authoritative without losing the approachability factor (or worse – invoke the famous “white coat syndrome”). A simple and flattering tunic looks smarter and more authoritative without sacrificing the approachability (or worse, invoke the “white coat syndrome”).

A uniform looks hygienic

In every industry, hygiene is important. But in healthcare it’s even more so. Pharmacy is more than a dispensary these days. Both the premises and the staff must adhere to the highest standards of hygiene to inspire trust in customers. The same high standards of hygiene apply to the staff and their clothing. Buttercups’ pharmacy uniforms are designed for staff in pharmacies. They look professional and approachable, but they don’t have to be too clinical. Our pharmacy uniforms also are easy to maintain and durable, so your staff will always look neat and clean.

Uniforms look professional

Retail is highly competitive, especially when it comes to pharmacies. There can be multiple pharmacies located on the same road. A high level of professionalism can help you stand out. All staff, including the pharmacist, are expected to dress professionally. This includes wearing neat clothes and not overdoing it on makeup or jewelry. This can be a challenge when there are many staff members in a pharmacy. It is important to have a uniform for your pharmacy in order to maintain a professional look. There’s no need for a clinical look. Instead, opt for a simple tunic with trousers that can look elegant and stylish. A uniformed professional appearance can help reassure your customers and show them that you are serious about your business.

Your brand is enhanced by a uniform

It’s important to differentiate yourself from your competitors in an ever-increasingly competitive market. Here’s where simple branding can help. Your business needs to have a distinct identity to be recognized by your customers. This includes your logo, your advertising and point-of sale branding such as signs and bags. Your branding can be reflected in many different ways on uniforms. From colour to personalisation, there are many options. Buttercups offers pharmacy uniforms that are available in a variety of stylish and elegant colours. These colors can be matched to your brand. Our embroidery service allows you to add your company logo to your uniform. We also have a range of nametags that are ideal for personalising your uniform.

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